THE LAND APOTHECARY is a botanical medicine clinic and herbal product line that focuses on providing clients and customers with herbal medicine made from sustainably-wildcrafted and organically-cultivated plants with the goal of not only capturing the entire spectrum of the plants' medicinal compounds but also the energetic essence of the plant and the land from which it came.  


Elizabeth respectfully and sustainably gathers medicine from the beautiful wilds and bundles their essence into botanical extracts, tea and herbal body care products for THE LAND APOTHECARY and also in custom formulation for her clients. In addition to wildcrafted herbs, Elizabeth uses herbs grown in her home garden and those organically grown by local farmers and herbal supply companies in her medicine making practice.

Elizabeth uses a variety of techniques for making potent herbal medicine. Extracting herbs in organic alcohol, decocting and preserving medicinal mushrooms, formulating and blending teas, herbal oils and body care products made with organic plant infused oils along with essential oils. All medicine is crafted with love and care in San Francisco.

We work hard to incorporate a Land Ethic into our practices and daily meanderings -- an ethic where, according to Aldo Leopold, "The boundaries of the community include the soil, water, plants, animals or collectively: the land". In doing this, we hope to build deeper, more sustainable relationships between ourselves, the herbs we use for our healing and the land from which we all come from and thrive on.